The Northside News

Type Free
Circulation 45,000
Accreditation P.S.
Rates ROP mono S.C.C. € 26.32
ROP mono full page € 5,212.00
ROP colour S.C.C. 26.32
ROP colour full page € 5,212.00
REC mono € 26.32
REC colour € 26.32
Issue day Wednesday
Frequency Weekly

Sales contact details:

  • Contact Name: Sean Maguire
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 041 9828666 / 087 9159052
Paper format Tabloid
Booking deadline Friday 11.00am
Copy deadline Friday 14.00pm
Full Page Size (mm - height x width) 320mm x 260mm
No. Columns 6
Column 1 width 40 mm
Column 2 width 85 mm
Column 3 width 130 mm
Column 4 width 175 mm
Column 5 width 220 mm
Column 6 width 260 mm
Ad formats accepted PDF: Yes

Production contact details:

  • Contact Name: Sean Maguire
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 0419828666 087 9159052

The Northside News is a part of The Dublin News Media Group of Newspapers.

The Northside News 45,000 papers, is a new and exciting, informative and uplifting title that has hit the streets and homes of Dublin’s Northside.

Having started from humble beginnings with some of the staff of a previous local title having been laid off they banded together to start their own venture and recreate the local new medium that they had previously enjoyed working in. The birth of the Northside and Southside News began. It is a weekly newspaper.

Don’t miss the latest editions of the Northside & Southside News. 80,000 copies delivered all over Dublin. Watch out for your free copy through your letterbox or pick up a copy from one of the many distribution points.